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Room 239/240 - Wednesday night. Feb. 8th, 2006 @ 10:50 pm
Jack was tired.

And full.

And really wanted nothing more than to sleep.

But first he had some letters to write...

General Not--cloneCollapse )

"Stupid keyboards, can't take a hit, none of 'em."

The guy in Colorado with the death wish.Collapse )

"He thinks he's so funny. Stupid jack-ass thinks he's so smart just because he's a General."

Murray.Collapse )

With those letters out of the way he was free to sleep.

He contemplated lobbing a shoe at Marty just because.

[OOC] Log in issues and attendance Feb. 1st, 2006 @ 03:53 pm
Okay, I'm on my comp in the library at school so this must be done fairly quickly.

Jack has nor been around in nearly two weeks because I am still having issues logging in to LJ with this journal.

On the plus side? I can log in here.

On the minus side? That means it's something with my comp at home that's frakking up.

I didn't send Jack to any classes today because I'm waiting to hear back from an Admin about where Jack has been. It's my hope that I'll be allowed to play it like Jack got an Emergency Call to go back to Colorado for something and that is why he hasn't been to class and has been completely absent from everything since then.

This is a heads-up to everyone so nobody thinks that I'm ignoring them or dropping the game, I'm just having complete shite luck.

As soon as I hear back from The Admins I'll post here and let everyone know what Jack's "excuse" is going to be.

If anyone wants to talk to or at Jack they can leave him a voicemail, he'll pick up his cell-phone (Email notifications are my friend) and squak.

*Kisses Fandom High and drop-kicks Laptop*
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful

Friday. Suite 239/240. Pre-first period. [Open to all in the dorm hallway, free for broadcast] Jan. 13th, 2006 @ 02:54 pm
Jack is still asleep in his bed. His roomates are nowhere to be seen and are possibly already going about their morning routines.

Snoring can be heard.

Refugee Camp Voicemails Jan. 1st, 2006 @ 06:09 pm
Kawalsky's voicemail.
Mun is on GMT +10.

Weir's voicemail.

Doc's voicemail.
Mun on US CST time (-5GMT)

Danny's voicemail.
Mun on US EDT time (-5GMT)

Carter's Voicemail.
Mun on US EDT time (-5GMT)

O'Neill's voicemail.
Mun on US MST time (-7GMT)

Shep's wipeboard.
Mun on US CST time (-5GMT)

Jonas' Voicemail.

Willing Accomplices
Cam's voicemail.
Mun on CET time (+2GMT)
1230-0400 hrs is Average online time.

Vala's voicemail.

Refugee Camp OOC Page.
Fandom High Stargate Townhall
Fandom High Townhalls

[OOC] Mun Schedule Dec. 6th, 2005 @ 02:45 pm
Hey there, Jack-Mun here. This is just a heads-up so that everybody knows I'm not ignoring them.

Here's the deal. Jack-Mun has finals, including crash-studying, from yesterday until next Wednesday. As a result Jack will still be going to classes but will have a bare minimum of interaction aside from that until the 14th. I want to play all day but I'm a note-taker for a Deaf kid and a mentally handicaped girl in Criminal Justice and I have a steady D- in Math. Therefor I have to have three copies of one study-guide and massive help for another one and I just don't have the time for big interaction and studying right now so big interaction is on pause for about a week. That's it though, I'm good to go after that.
Other entries
» [OOC] Notifications
Jack-Mun is still being skimped on the email notifications and was too stupid to keep a list of where Jack's whereabouts.

If Jack doesn't talk back to you it's because The Mun is trying to figure out who's talking to him, Jack is in no way ignoring you.

If needed pinging the voicemail seems to work, I actually get some of those notes. AIM seems to be working for me again too and I managed to take the "Invisible" thing off of MSN too. Getting a hold of me that way works too.
Free at last! Free at last! Thank god almighty I'm free at last!
» [OOC] Back finally
Oy. Hi there, back online now! The whole getting on last Wednesday thing? Aparently only works if my internet is working too. Who'd'a thought?

Cox Communications sucks.

I am back online again now and after an hour I have given up checking the back-logs of FH.

This means that both Jack and Jack-Mun will be coming back into play clueless as to what has happened for the past... month? Damn. Didn't realize how long I was gone.

Cox is apparently still suffering from random blackouts though so if I suddenly dissapear in the middle of a conversation? Not on purpose.

Jack is still technically in the infirmary though because I must get a hold of Wilson-Mun to break him out.

Also, not sure how this is all going to work out with LJ still spazzing out because apparently I'm one of the people who have been lacking in email notifications during the transfer...

Yeah, just wanted to let everyone know. Will commence hunting now.
» OOC - Sick Update
Well. I was hoping to be back on again either today or tomorrow but seeing as how I've been pushed back onto the 7up and saltines diet I think I have a few more days yet. Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and hopefully Jack and I will be good again soon.

And as a word of advice? If you're ever sick and lacking money don't buy Murray brand Saltines. They make you want to throw up just to get the taste out of your mouth.

Heh. Murray.
» OOC - Last-Minute Sick Plotting
Okay here's the deal. As I type this I have pneumonia. I have just been ordered to bed-rest by my mother and will not be on for an unknown amount of time.

Because of this I have to implement a last-minute plot relying on pretty-much everyone else. Since I have pneumonia and don't know when I'll be back I've decided that Jack will have it too. Most of it will be background, people noticing that he's sick and all (Especially the roomies), but I'm gonna have to get him to the clinic tomorrow seeing as Wilson and House Muns (Along with pretty much everyone else) are offline right now.

mparkerceo and janet_fraiser have agreed to be my Main Jack NPCs while I'm out.

While Jack is in the clinic feel free to visit him, but keep in mind that he'll be unconscious for a large portion of the time (Due to the fact that he'll be munned by other's who have charas of their own and lives to boot).

The people directly involved in this (Mostly in a background capacity) have probably already checked their voicemails. So. Hi.

The following are details, so everyone Jack was interacting with isn't blown off. If I forget anyone know that it's not personal and that I apologize, it's almost mid-night and I need sleep.

Details.Collapse )

If someone could drop a link in the comments whenever someone interacts with Jack while I'm gone that would rock, I'd like to know what he get's up too.

Thank all of you in advance and I'm sorry about the short-notice.
» OOC - Parent's Weekend Movements
Too lazy to code right now. I broke.


Jack's Classes:
Math (Intermediate)
Abnormal Psych

Jack's movements for Parent's Weekend (After Classes):
Hammond Check-in
Jack and Carter Fight
Refreshments Table
Murray Check-in
Marty Breaks
Jack, Parker, and Callisto hang out

Jack arrives for brunch
Jack explains "The Family" to Aeryn
Jack gets disctracted and threatened by Carter simultaneously
Jack sends a greeting to General-Not-A-Clone
Jack goes to the Mixer
Jack and Murray talk
Jack and Carter talk about demarits and tattoos
Jack introduces Aeryn to Murray.
Jack and Doc yell at Crichton's dad
» [OOC Of Course] Halloween costumes
Okay here's how this came about, Mun had originally planned on having Jack go as Aragorn for Halloween (Due to something Parker-Mun said) but then suddenly I had a change of heart. This requires various fu's (Google, Getty, and Photoshop among others) that not everyone has. So I had an idea.

This is an OOC post is IC costume ideas and exchanges. It was originally going to be a planner for the Refugees until I realized that the more people who are here the better chance there is of someone actually getting a good idea and maybe even help with their Fu.

Come one, come all! Locked to no one!
» OOC: Stargate/Fandom High Starter Kit
Okay. You know what? This'll just make it so much easier.

Stargate Character Histories - Bits and bobbles created by other characters.
Refugee Voicemails.
Layout and details of Suite 239/240.
Stargate Parent's Day Post.
Completely Random OOC Thread.
Stargate Town Hall - Place your History here please.
Colorado Springs Survivors Group Meeting 1 Part 1.
Colorado Springs Survivors Group Meeting 1 Part 2.
Colorado Springs Survivors Group Meeting 1 Part 2 1/2 - The Dares.
Colorado Springs Survivors Group Meeting 2.
Post-Homecoming Party.

Air Force Slang.
Military Weapons Catalogue.
Greenwhich Mean Time.

Where To Check Your Invites.
Jack-Mun's RL Schedule. Just so everyone can understand why I do so much coding.

Journalism/Fandom High Admin Spider Jerusalem's Voicemail.
Fandom High Handbook.
Fandom High Library Rules (IC).
Fandom High Library Rules (OOC).
Special Collections Passes.
Library Check-Out List. Locked to Library Staff and Admin.
Fandom High Admin Post.
Fandom High OOC Rules.
Mun Timezones and Online Hours.
Mun Contact Info.
How to Friend Everybody and Make Groups.
Most Current Friending List.
Inter-Fandom Magic Conversion.
Student Listing.
Info Page Rules.
Go Here to Requesting Posting Rights to Comms.
Student List by Name.
Fandom High Stance on Chronofluidity.
Fandom High Stance on NC-17 Posts.
Fandom High Dentention Rules.
The When and Why of the Fandom High Weapons Ban.
Fandom High Town Halls.

Fandom Townies Mayor's Voicemail.
Town Directory.
Townie Map.
Fandom Townie Applications.
Fandom Town Rules.
Fandom Town Admin Post on New Characters

Fandom Clinic Charting Rules.
Fandom Clinic Treatment List.
Fandom Clinic Shorthand.
Fandom Clinic Rules Part 1.
Fandom Clinic Rules Part 2.

Greenwhich Mean Time.

Jesus fuck I can't belive I just spent three and a half hours doing that. I have lost my fucking mind.

Link to OOC Starter-Kit.
» OOC - Character Histories
I think it's safe to say that Jack may never actually use this journal for anything he's suppossed to.

We all talk, and sometimes we make up stories. Especially about Daniel.

This post is so we can keep track of all the stories we make up about the other characters. Feel free to favorite.
Please. I beg of you! Somebody! I have someone who will play either Jonas Quinn or Teal'c, if someone else plays the other one. Please?

ETA: a_phale Has decided to become Mini!Jonas Quinn. We still need a Mini!Teal'c though. drgrissom is going to be Munning Full-grown!Teal'c during Parent's Weekend (With sogothcally Munning back-up) but if we could get a full-time Mini!Teal'c that would rock.
» All work and no play make Jack do stupid things.
Last night Jack was bored.

That is a bad thing. Always.

Jack realized he also had a working credit-card with no limit in General-Not-A-Clone's name.

The internet is a beautiful thing.

Jack went shopping.

People now have presents.

More will be bought.

[OOC: Mun wants to do more random fake shopping but knows of no fun places. Help?

ETA:Presents are delivered via voicemail. So far the following people have recieved presents: mparkerceo, the_ascended, carter_i_am, kawalsky, notcalledlizzie, janet_fraiser, gotcanewillpoke, prof_methos, prisoner_rover, likeguidelines, and notstakedyet. More will be delivered in the following days. If you want one let me know. You can either suggest a present or leave them all up to Jack. Be patient though, coding hurts.]

» The saga of the broken ribs.
Fist owies. First blame. Second blame. Passing refrence. Reffing again. Jack tells Rory that Kawalsky broke him. Rory confronts Kawalsky about breaking Jack. Third blame.


[Subject to change as I remember where the hell else Jack was.]
Jack is just never gonna make a real post is he?

Okay. Here's the deal. I geeked again. Totally made the floor-plans for the room.

See?Collapse )
ETA: Forgot to explain the beds. The way I figure each room comes equiped to hold four people, which means there are four beds. Originally the rooms had two people a piece so in my mind each person shoved two beds together and got a big one. Jack lost his spare when Doc came in since he was the one to invite her first (At least he thinks). Hence the singles and doubles.

The lockers are in leiu of closets. They are 7'6 high, 2'6 wide and 3" deep.

They look like this.Collapse )

I truely have no life.

For those of you who forgot or don't remember: The birth of the suite.

Also making a list of the psychotic little odds, ends, and tchotchkes in the room. Wanna contribute? Anyone can, Mun's have final run-down of what the hell their chara's have though.

Who's is it?
What is it?
Where is it?

What we have so far.

Aeryn's Things.

What is it? Polar Bear Collection.
Where is it? On the unmentioned weapons locker that she totally doesn't have.

What is it? Polar bear pictures.
Where is it? Above her bed.

Jack's Things.

What is it? Jack's stereo.
Where is it? Between Jack and Kawalsky's lockers.

What is it? New Kids on the Block sheets.
Where is it? Bed.

What is it? Zim pillow.
Where is it? Pillows.

Janet's Things.

(Add things here)

Kawalsky's Things.

What is it? A lot of junk, a whiskey bottle,m and something that may or may not be alive.
Where is it? Under his beds.

What is it? Poster of the New York Rangers
Where is it? Above his bed.

What is it? A corkboard with old unit patches, postcards and photos. One of the photos is of Kawalsky and Ferretti in dress blues laughing.
Where is it? In the wall space between Liz's locker and the corner.

What is it? Jack's stereo.
Where is it? Between Jack and Kawalsky's lockers.

What is it? Night ivssion goggles, purple thong, various tidbits-to-be-added.
Where is it? Footlocker as well at the end of his bed.

What is it? Standard clothes, his 80s denim jacket, his dress blues (complete with hat), a tactical vest hanging up and two sets of BDUs... just in case. Down the bottom is a set of combat boots amongst his regular shoes.
Where is it? Locker.

What is it? Barbie sheets.
Where is it? Bed.

What is it? Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle sheets.
Where is it? Bed.

What is it? [Do not click this link if you are around people or value your eyesight. It's not completely unsafe but disturbing as all hell.] Picture of his Grandma.
Where is it? Inside his locker.

Liz's Things.

(Add things here)

Everyone's Things

What is it? Bunnies plates (Deceased).
Where is it Garbage.

What is it? Mini-fridges. On per person.
Where is it? In the "kitchen area" near the door.

» [OOC] Notification
Jack-Mun has just found out that there is two more English essays due before tomorrow otherwise Jack-Mun will fail and be murdered by Jack-Mun's mother.

Jack-Mun will not be online today either at all or until very late. Jack will go to class and then have a large period of nothing until probably tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jack-Mun also just wanted to show off the new icon. Guh.
» [OOC but IC] So sad.
These are Jack's Blues from Homecoming. He pretty much looked just like that except for the part where he's way younger.

How incredibly OCD and Geeky am I? I just figured out what each and every one is. That's right. The Mun just spent the better part of two hours finding each and every pin/ribbon/badge and stuff.

All info found Here, here, and here.

One of the pins/badges he has (The bottom one) is definately the Air Force Commander Badge and the top one is Parachutist Pin [Thanks Kawalsky-Mun]. Stupid glare.

The medals/ribbons/awards.Collapse )
» Think Connor'll kill me if I wear this shirt?

Journeying Android Calibrated for Killing

» Big week.
Broke up with Beka. Kind of.

Got sheets stolen. Got new homecoming date.

Had a talk with roommates.

Hurt arm on Tuesday. Technically I broke the colarbone. Hurts. Fucking aspirin. Embarassed New Doc.

The Professor has it in for me. Honest. Might have something to do with some of the questions at the Debate.

Gonna start a Daniel Jackson Death Pool.

Got organized and was involved in small riot. Tortured the New Doc again. Found out Death has no love glands. Got Vicodin to stop asking about love-glands.

Sleep now.
» OOC (IC?) Stargate People
This is an OOC post which I'll probably re-edit into and IC post when we're all done and through with this.

The subject of the post is Parents Day. Somewhere back somewhere Janet-Mun and Jack-Mun were talking about Parents Day. Janet-Mun suggested making a Hammond account for the weekend and sharing the password so all the Refugee's could take turns playing him.

Yesterday Jack-Mun was out with the three other Phoenix-Mun's and spent four hours talking about FH. Homecoming and Parent's Weekend came up a couple of times. One of the other Mun's (Six-Mun I think) came up with the idea of having the grown-up versions of the clones come by and "parent" some of them. Brig Gen O'Neill, and Lt Col Carter are the only ones available I think (Is Shep a teen clone or a real teen? I can't remember)

Regardless of whether or not Big!Jack and Big!Sam appear or not we still need somewhere to figure this all out. And being the lifeless Geek that I am I figured I'd post the spot.

So here.
Jack-mun lost electricity on 9-26 at around 1300hrs (MST) and did not regain it until 9-27 at 1400hrs (MST). Sorry for the lack of notice, Jack-mun was surprised by this too.
» Sign in sheet.

Chiana - miss_monochrome
Crichton - whitedeathpod
Duo - 02maxwell
Beka - valentine_tart
Zero - swerval_zero
Harkness - anextimeagent
Rogue - marieann_d
Parker - mparkerceo
Aeryn - can_be_more
Cam - cameronmitchell
Cally - sogothcally
Kawalsky - kawalsky
Shane - sane_mcc
Archie - actingltcrumpet
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