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Jack O'Neill
4 January
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Name's Colonel Jack O'Neill, two l's, not Jackie, not Johnny, Jack. I'm from Minnesota by way of Colorado Springs, I come from an Air Force background, I like Pina Colada's and getting lost in the rain. I travel to other planets through a Stargate with two smart-people and an alien. Teal'c is the ex right-hand-man of an evil alien overlord who wanted to take over Earth (Among other places). Danny used to be dead but he got better. Several times. Carter almost makes my brain explode on a daily basis. Doc is a Napoleonic Power-Mongerer and she scares me. The Asguard are big dumb stupid-heads and there are seven adult me's and three other not-adult me's running around somewhere. I may or may not be a clone. Everything else is classified.

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Room: Suite 239-240.
Roommates: can_be_more, oatmanspatient, janet_fraiser, and notcalledlizzie.
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Stargate Muns/FH Starter Kit.

Oh yeah, this is the place by the way...
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This journal is specifically for role-playing as Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG-1 (Roughly somewhere inside season sevenish) at fandomhigh The character of Jack O'Neill is not mine, doesn't belong to me or any of that crap. Kay?